Guildomatic is dedicated to providing you with the best customizable guild website hosting experience. Our system was originally developed to serve our own guild, but we soon realized many other guilds were looking for something similar.

Today, tens of thousands of guilds and millions of characters manage their guild communication, planning, voice chat, and more through our platform. As new game patches come out, and guild site features and needs change, we're continually evolving to offer you the best feature set possible.


We offer a full guild hosting web site management system with administrator functionality, member roster, raid snapshots, dkp management, message forums, news postings, and more. Some features are specialized for World of Warcraft guild sites, including boss progression and an in-game module.

You will love it. It is tender, juicy and delicious.

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About our application service and software


Guildomatic is built with Ruby on Rails and runs on Linux.

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