Guildomatic lets you use BBCode to format text when posting messages on the forums, in your guild news, and various other places where you enter text to display to your users. This page gives examples of the available commands and shows you what they do.

Our extensions to BBCode:

  • [item]Carrot on a Stick[/item]

    Carrot on a Stick

    to display a World of Warcraft item information popup (move your mouse over the green text). See also our World of Warcraft item search page.
  • [aion_item]Lonely Diamond Ring[/aion_item]

    Lonely Diamond Ring

    to display an Aion item information popup (move your mouse over the orange text). Only works on Aion guild sites for now.
  • [aion_spell]Healing Light IV[/aion_spell]

    Healing Light IV

    to display an Aion spell information popup (move your mouse over the spell name text). Only works on Aion guild sites for now.
  • [youtube][/youtube]

  • [google_video][/google_video]

  • [filefront]199414[/filefront]

    to display a FileFront video (from a sample original page at;7643203;/fileinfo.html). Note that for FileFront you must look up the video id from the Embed HTML code they provide you, and put that between the tags rather than the video URL. This is because the FileFront URL doesn't contain the video ID that's needed.
  • [flash][/flash]

    to display a Flash file, with optional additional parameters to set the width, height or background color as [flash width=300 height=200 bgcolor=#C9C9C9].
  • [page]MyPageName[/page] for use by administrators to create a link to a custom page.

Other basic supported commands:

  • [b]bold text[/b]

    bold text

  • [u]underlined text[/u]

    underlined text

  • [i]italics text[/i]

    italics text

  • [img][/img]

  • []Joe Example[/email]

    Joe Example

  • [email][/email]

  • [code]bbcodeize(string)[/code]


  • [url=]Google[/url]


  • [url][/url]

  • [quote]That is the question[/quote]

    That is the question

  • [size=32]Big Text[/size]

    Big Text

  • [color=red]Red Text[/color] [color=#ABCDEF]Alphabet-colored Text[/color]

    Red Text Alphabet-colored Text

Our message forums support a few extended BBCode commands, such as rudimentary lists. More information is at the forum BBCode Guide.

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