Raid Calendar Spotlight

What It Is

Every guild with a paid subscription has access to a Raid Calendar module. The calendar makes it easy to schedule events with your guild members. You enter the calendar events, configuring things like the event name, description (yell at your members to bring their consumables!), and how many members of each class are desired. Your members visit the calendar page to see the events and sign up for anything of interest.

Main Calendar Page

The main calendar page shows summary information around how many members of each class have joined, and top-level info about each event. Upcoming events are shown in the top section, and events that have passed are at the bottom. A user can sign up by clicking the "Signup" link to the right of the event. An admin user has additional links, in the Admin Actions column, to edit or delete the details of an event. To view details on an event, the user just clicks on the event name.

Calendar Index

Signing Up

Once you click on an event name, you're shown all of the event's gory details along with who's signed up, what notes they added, and so forth.

Calendar View

You can sign up by clicking on the "Sign Up" link at the top of the event info (which turns into an "Update" link if you're already signed up, so that you can edit your signup info).

Calendar Signup

Members can enter notes explaining their plans with their signup. If something comes up and a member who's signed up realizes they can't come, they can click "Update", deactivate their signup, and modify their note to let the raid leader know what's going on.

And One More Thing

One of the cool things about the Guildomatic guild tools is their integration with all of the other features of the site. For instance, WoW item hovers work even in event description text!

Calendar Hover

Ashbringer not included.

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