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Feature Summary

All Games

  • Easily customizable to make your guild site look the way you want it with example templates.
  • Raid calendar to manage raiding events for your guild. Track signups and manage events easily.
  • Guild applications to accept applications from potential new members of the guild. Configure questions and receive applications from interested folks.
  • Alternate member management, to let you easily link alternate guild members with main members. Guild members can select whether they want to sign up for a raid calendar event with their main, or one of their alternates. Optionally configure your DKP system to flow DKP from alternates up to the main.
  • phpBB-based message forum with support for:
    • Guild icons and rank shown for posts by guild members
    • Forum access permissions automatically linked to ranks in your guild roster to allow you to easily manage who can access and moderate which forums. All you need to do is keep your guild roster up to date.
    • A wide variety of cool phpBB themes are available out-of-the-box and additional phpBB themes can be added on request for free.
  • File hosting for uploading your videos, images, Flash videos and navigation bars, spreadsheets, text files, or whatever other info you need to share with your guild members or use on your guild site.
  • Administrator audit log, to keep track of all actions your fellow guild administrators perform. Allows you to review their activities for your general awareness, or for other security purposes as needed.
  • DKP standings and details for every guild member.
  • Raid summaries and detailed views into all raid events, DKP, attending guild members, and item drops.
  • Guild news allows you to easily post important guild happenings, with item stats link hover support, web-links and embedded images.
  • Item history pages summarizing all item drops the guild has found, what event, the receiving guild member, and the DKP spent on each.
  • DKP adjustment support to manually apply DKP changes to guild members, for things like special one-time events or other circumstances as needed.
  • Guild admin console allowing the guild site owner full control over their site.
  • 24x7 hosting at a first tier hosting colocation facility.

World of Warcraft

  • World of Warcraft Armory guild roster integration automatically keeps your roster up to date as members join your guild and move up in rank or level.
  • Proprietary World of Warcraft in-game module makes it easy to:
    • record your guild roster with ranks and the latest real-time membership info.
    • run time-based, DKP bidding auctions for loot items.
    • automatically "snapshot" all members in a raid during game events such as boss kills.
    • automatically record loot items dropped during game events and note the receiving members.
    • built-in member queuing system to track who was first in line for the next open raid spot.
    • track guild member raid attendance.
    • in-game DKP lookups by guild member name and class.
    All you have to do is upload the module's data file to your guild site and your guild's performance and accomplishments will be fully updated and ready for the world to view.
  • Boss progression to post your boss kills, summarize them for easy viewing, and broadcast your progress in the latest raid instances for the world to see.
  • phpBB-based message forum with support for:
  • EQdkp is available for guilds that would prefer to use the EQdkp system.

Feature Spotlights

Read more detail and check out some screenshots at:

World_goCreate your custom guild site today.


  • Free: FREE!
    guild-specific sub-domain (such as, forums, guild roster, and news, 10 MB file space.
  • Basic Package: $4.99 - $6.99/month
    guild-specific sub-domain (such as, ad-free service, raid calendar, guild applications, forums, guild roster and news, 500 MB file space.
  • Pro Package: $7.99 - $9.99/month
    everything in Basic, plus DKP, Raid, Item, DKP Adjustment tools with World of Warcraft in-game module support, 3 GB file space.
  • Ventrilo Packages: As low as $1.73/month
    choose from a wide range of per-user slot packages, from ten to hundreds of simultaneously active users, with servers available all over the world.
  • Custom Domain Setup: $4.99 one-time fee
    custom domain you already own, such as
  • Optional Custom Domain Purchase and Setup: $14.99 for first year, $9.99/year following.
    custom domain such as
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