Guild Forum Spotlight

Theme Overview

You have tremendous flexibility with your forum configuration and administration options. Our system includes 18 different base themes, and more are always being added at user request. Some sample guild forum theme screenshots are below.

AcidTech AcidTechGreen AcidTechPurple AcidTechBlood AcidTechTiger AdInfinitum Labs Shadow SmoothTech Vision1 WarcraftAlliance WoWMaevahEmpire WoWMoonclaw01 arkanian bcblack kdm2 phpbbeos sleek subBlack subSilver Chronicles beats101 disegioBlack ExFlame m9wowbc wowHorde comicBook BlueSilver_C Abandon BlueIce canverRed custom extremedarkred FSDark RedGlass chairs czar_green guildwars catacombes RedSilver BBTech Black_Xire Cobalt m9lkbb2

Trying Themes Live

You can also try any of these out live using our demo guild site with login as username 'demo', password 'demo'.

To change themes, click the "Administration Panel" link at the bottom of the page; then the "Configuration" link in the left panel; change the theme in the "Default Style" preference, and click "Submit" at the bottom of the page.

Message Posting Features

To specialize our forums for World of Warcraft, you can link to a WoW item with:

[item]Shroud of the Avatar[/item]

The forums will automatically color it by its rarity and mousing over the link will display an item hover. For instance, Shroud of the Avatar.

We've made it trivially easy to link to videos from your forums, by entering Youtube or Google Video urls in your forum posts like so:

[youtube][/youtube] [google_video][/google_video]

An example:


The forums are based on a modern version of phpBB — one of the most full-featured message board systems, with many years of development under its belt to ensure that all of your forum administration, permissions, and content management needs are met. A screenshot of the entry-level administration control panel is below.


Spam Prevention

We have made a variety of modifications and enhancements to ensure spam registrations and posts are blocked whenever possible. Additionally, configuration options allow guild administrators to require personal approval of any forum registration, period. And if that's not enough, our support staff is always available to help via email and the support forums.

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