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Game World of Warcraft
Guild Name CursedCrusaders
Server Thunderhorn
Members 344
Founded 19/05/2006
Description CursedCrusaders has been running for well over 5 years now and is run by a group of real life friends, during our time we have had some very good times and some not so good times, but through good and bad we have endeavoured to continue on. At our peak we had well over 500 members and would regularly have over 50 - 60 members online in an evening. Although the guild was large there was no sense of community, now we have fewer numbers and are a small but friendly guild with a strong sense of community. We are part of an alliance called The Honourbound (THB), consisting of Roses of Dawn, The One, Phoenix Legion, Ye Olde Geezers, and of course, CursedCrusaders, this alliance allows us smaller non-raid specific guilds to venture to areas we would otherwise not be able to access. It also gives us a bigger pool of players to look from when trying to tackle an instance or a difficult quest.

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