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Game World of Warcraft
Guild Name Final Final
Server Bladefist
Members 316
Founded 08/24/2010

We are the Radioactive Octopi.

Frankly that explains us pretty well, but not very literally. Final Final's what you might call a moderately sized ball of crazy. But the good kind of crazy, not the "My word, I can't take another SECOND listening to that guy!" kind of crazy. We're more...productive with our craziness. Also less hated.

It's a pretty casual environment we provide, laid back attitude, not taking the game *too* seriously (but we take character advancement relatively seriously, enchants/gems and knowing your class go a long way with us.) We don't really do the whole "guild drama" thing anymore, we've managed to get rid of the ilk who caused it.

We laugh a lot, mostly at each other. Being able to take a joke at you and throw one back is how we roll. Due to the nature of our joke-itude we've heard rumor that we have a "hostile raid environment," but as they say, if you can't handle the heat get out of the fire you idiot why are you standing in fire OMG get out FFS!

We do raid, 10 man mostly, but it's a little spotty 'cause we realize that people have to do things outside of WoW. The raid are what bind us together, it's the guild-bonding time, it's where the humor and raunchiness shows up. Oh, right, there's some of that too.

NOTE: FOR MATURE PLAYERS ONLY, 18+, most of us are 25+, so be mature about it. You know what? Fuck it, if you don't remember Darkwing Duck, don't even bother talking to us.**Note: Patch or whoever can change this to something else if they want. I'm just usin' something that was pretty big when I was a wee lad.**

Oh, and we do occasionally have Drunken Raid Nights. Those tend to be entertaining.

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