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Game World of Warcraft
Guild Name Rebirth of the Slayers
Server Balnazzar
Members 764
Founded 04/28/2009

Rebirth of the Slayers is a guild started from the group Slayers of the night.

Slayers is aimed at those who have a real life; Who want to experience all the content WoW has to offer without sacrificing their jobs and families. We are looking for mature, adult based players. We are looking for players who are just wanting to play, run heroics, raids, instances, and mess with horde. We do not want children/teens who beg for runs or gold, or argue in chat channels.

Most of our members typically start gaming between 7-8 ST. Its aimed at those who want to, more than anything else, be part of a community.

It doesn't matter whether you have played WoW for 2 weeks or 2 years; just that you contribute, treat others with respect and, above all, want to enjoy the ride.

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