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Here's what we have on record for the last guild hosted here:

Game World of Warcraft
Server Drenden
Members 457
Founded 02/18/2007

TSU TAIN GUU FAITAA is actually pronounced “Two Time Good Fighter.” The spelling used in the guild name is derived from the Japanese phonetic alphabet for foreign words known as “Romanji”. The above characters correspond to the phonetic Romanji and are called "Katakana". The origin of the guild name is an old ska band (see that the founding members were a part of. The origin of the ska band’s name is an inside joke of the original members of the band, whose comical meaning has been lost like so many millions of dollars the group could have made if they had stayed a band.

The main purpose of TSU TAIN GUU FAITAA has been and always will be friendship. The original members are separated by no more than two degrees (i.e a friend of a friend) and all know each other in real life. All additional members to the original group are expected to maintain and promote the friendly atmosphere of the guild lest they be kicked (kicked meaning to be removed permanently from the guild) and never spoken to again. Secondary purposes of the guild include raiding, pvp, questing, and creating sitcoms using the World of Warcraft sprites as a means of free animation.

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