Boss Progression Spotlight*

Kill the Boss

For many World of Warcraft guilds, the ultimate in end-game content glory is found in a late-night raid through one of the many challenging dungeons that await a well-equipped team. You already know you can work together in harmony to trounce the beasts that lie in wait. You've done it before. You'll do it again.

Post Your Kill

Once you've snapped a screenshot of you and your guild members standing around the boss, the natural next step is to proclaim your achievment for all the world to see. All Guildomatic guilds with a paid subscription have access to a Boss Progression module that allows you to post your boss kills as a trophy-like display of your accomplishments.

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Ogle Your Progression

As you build up multiple kills of the same bosses, you'll more easily be able to keep a kill count. Your guildmates and competing guilds can see at a glance where you're at in the latest end-game content and gun to take down the next boss ahead of each other.

Show Kill


Your kills are displayed on the main Guildomatic Boss Progression page for all to see, raising awareness of your supreme power.

Boss Progression

And just when you thought you'd killed the last boss in the final dungeon... Patch Day with a new instance! Rest assured, we'll be here for you to post your next kill.

* Currently only available for World of Warcraft guild sites.

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