More Customization

Custom Stylesheets

For advanced users and tinkerers, you can create your own site and forum themes by uploading a "Custom Stylesheet", also known as "CSS". This is done via the "Site Config" tool in your Administrator Console.

Here is an example featured guild site with their own personalized CSS theme.

Custom Domains

Add a custom domain to your site so that the link to your site is instead of

You can purchase a custom domain through Guildomatic, or you can use a domain you purchased elsewhere.


Manage your Guildomatic Ventrilo Server with the "Ventrilo Settings" tool. Set your passwords, change your voice codec to enable support for both PCs and Macs, migrate your server location, and restart your server.

If you have a custom domain for your site and a Guildomatic Ventrilo server, we automatically create a custom vent hostname for you, such as

DKP, Raids, Loot, & Attendance.

Sites with a paid Pro package gain access to an easily manageable multiple-tier DKP system featuring all of the popular features.

The DKP Leaderboard shows a class overview of current DKP standings. Dkp

View DKP by a particular class. Dkp2

An index of your entire raid history. Raid

Summary of an individual raid. Raid2

Index of all items looted in raids. Items

Raid attendance stats. Attendance

EQdkp (optional)*

The Pro package includes an optional installation of EQdkp. This installation is managed separately from your main guild site.

Guildomatic in-game addon for WoW*

To make things even easier, you can install our World of Warcraft in-game addon to record your guild roster, snapshot raid events, grant & record DKP, host in-game auctions for DKP bidding.

Record your entire guild roster with one click. Addon

Snapshot raid event data to record who was present in a raid, record which member received a certain loot item, and assign DKP to members for a boss kill. Addon2

Our World of Warcraft addon captures all this data to a single file that you upload to your Guildomatic site.


Use our support ticketing system to get help when you need it.

Or use our active forum-based user community support site where you can post and search for things like site and forum issues, the Guildomatic WoW in-game addon, customizing your site, and feature requests.

* Currently only available for World of Warcraft guild sites.

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