Ventrilo Voice Server Spotlight

What It Is

Guildomatic offers Ventrilo voice server subscriptions that allow you and your guild members to use the popular Ventrilo client program to speak live in one or more groups while playing. Many guilds find this an invaluable tool for efficient communication when fighting complex bosses or working out your own boss strategies. It's also one of the best ways for your guild members to get to know each other. Reading someone saying "noob" or "roflmao" is, we think you'll agree, a totally different experience from actually hearing it. Plus, don't you want to find a use for that cheesy-looking microphone or fancy headset you've got sitting around?

Voice Status Hovers

Guildomatic is the only guild hosting site offering pop-up hovers displaying detailed Ventrilo status on your guild home page. You can see an example popup below. Now you can see who's online from your guild when you're bored at work, wondering whether the raid has started yet, or just don't have access to log on to WoW. You wouldn't think this kind of visibility would make such a big difference in your guild feeling like a live community — but it does.

Ventrilo Hover

Easy Vent Subdomain

Guildomatic gives you an easy to remember subdomain for your Ventrilo server. If you have a custom domain such as, your Ventrilo server purchased through us will be under Compare that to what you get from other Ventrilo providers, such as raw IP addresses like or Which one's easier to remember and to send to your guild members?

If you don't have a custom domain, you'll get a name like Still easy to remember.

Global Ventrilo Geo-location

We can position your voice server geographically in a location optimized for your guild's use. When you purchase your server from us, you'll let us know which of the following locations is best for your guild, choosing from the following locations:

  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • US East Coast
  • US Midwest
  • US West Coast
  • United Kingdom
This ensures that you have the best possible voice experience.

And More!

You get admin access through your Ventrilo client to allow changing your Ventrilo server's name, setting up additional channels, and so forth.

If you have MacOS users in your guild, the popular Speex codec can be configured for use with your server.

And you're assured help with any technical hurdles that may come up, with our best-of-breed support staff email and message forums backing you up.

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